Creativity is still alive!

Last Thursday, it was as if the air was alive with the arts. Songs, readings – all burned with the passion of young angst. One of the freshman residence halls at NYU teamed up with the Minetta Review to present their Fall 2012 Open Mic Night. Students –mostly residents from the building – came down to share their funny stories, their most heartfelt poems, and their musical talents. This writer even got up there to share one of her best works. Editor-in-Chief Joshua Borja, in the midst of coordinating the acts, also decided to read a couple of his works to the crowd. As we both left the stage, we were each saluted with applause. “This is a good environment for this,” said Borja. And it was.

There was no order to the acts – it was your turn when you stood up to head to the stage. Held in the small Black Box Theatre on the second floor of the building gave the event a very intimate feel. People removed their shoes, really got comfortable – all to listen to the creations of their peers.

Leave it to freshman to teach us “jaded juniors” a little lesson: creativity is still alive and well.fall-2012-open-mic


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